Born in the early 90′s, Miami native, DJ ZEA has emerged as one of the stand out DJs of a generation filled with rising local talent. Utilizing his extensive knowledge of music and unique performance style, he has managed to distinguish himself from the norm; becoming one of the youngest djs on the south beach circuit. DJing for over 7 years, he has performed at some of the most exclusive South Florida hot spots as well as working with The Opium Group in various of their South Beach venues. Zea is known for his ability to control the dance floor with his disticnt style of blending, scratching, and live remixing. When not mixing records at the club or exclusive events, you can find him in the studio working on monthly mixes and original productions. Still at the young age of 22, DJ ZEA is sure to continue his growing success already expanding to the next level, traveling nation wide and rocking out across the globe.

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